COMMENTS:These are some of the comments we received from our viewers and we wanted to share with all of you.
     Mr.Waqas Daniel, Saeed Park Shahdara, Lahore Pakistan October 17, 2011.
          Salam(Greetings) I am very glad when I see your website. Your work is so good mostly    
          education aim is so well.
     Ms.Cecilla and friends from Lahore, Pakistan  April 23, 2011
          Hello, Respected Mam,...Me and my friends are very happy to visit your web-site and photo 
          gallary specially.  We really appreciate you for all self-less services, which You are doing for
          Christian community in Pakistan.  God bless U
    Mr. Shaleem Davis from Sapphire Mills Raiwad Pakistan.
          Greetings to all of you.  Your motto is big and high. God bless
          your team, buckle up and carry on your way with the wisdom of
    Mr. Ijaz Malak from Hafizabad road Gujranwala, Pakistan. 
         I think your organization is taking initiative to promote education
         especially for all those who are not in the position to get
         education.  Education is the only and the best way to give them
         the light in their lives to prepare them to walk with the world.   
         By the power of knowledge the world can be turned around to
         make the world a better place for all.
         I personally appreciate and salute you for this noble cause.  May
         God bless all of you and keep you under the showers of His
         glorious and merciful hands.
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