EDUCATION:Illiteracy rate in rural areas around the world are 90%. Our Organization opens schools in remote backward areas and help communities where there aren't any educational facilities public or private.  We grant scholarships to the needy children for brighter future especially high school and college students who otherwise could not afford to pay for school.
PROJECT SINDH PROVINCE : This project is to support sustainable Education in PADRI JO GOTH Sanghar, Sindh Pakistan. Most of the children belong to the village, who's parents inspite of owning land can not afford to pay for their children's education.  ST. Isidore's high school in being run by FRANCISCAN SISTERS OF THE HEART OF JESUS.  In some classrooms teacher and students sit on the ground covered with thin carpets provided by someone due to lack of furniture.  The love for education has brought the children from huts near and far. We would like to help them to maintain this wonderful educational institute.

GRACE CHILDREN HOME: (an Orphanage) in Andhra Pradesh, India. We are supporting 25 children living there and going to school. Many of the children lost their parents in house fires and floods. Their relatives were unable to care for them due to extreme poverty. Some of them were left on the streets to starve or to beg. Members of our Organization were able to bring them to the Orphanage where they will be taken care of and educated. Children are served food on banana-leaves. Their food mostly consists of boiled rice and yellow lentils called "dal".


LITERACY:This project provides an opportunity for dropouts who could not continue their education, especially girls.  This project enables them to obtain high school diploma and get respectable jobs and gain respect in the family and community.  Furthermore this keeps a lots of young people off the streets preventing them from getting into unhealthy habits and activities which can cause great deal of problems for their families and also for the communities.
We distribute Holy Bibles, Gospels, Biblical Literature, CDs and etc, to Christians absolutely free of charge under the "FREE GIFT DISTRIBUTION PROJECT".
We organize seminars for high school and college students to chose a career according to their educational qualifications.  Those who have not completed their high school we encourage them to do so under our LITERACY PROJECT and if they are unable to do so we direct them to a vocational training center and to find a suitable job. 
We organize seminars to promote Social Justice and Peace and help people to achieve their basic human rights, the right to live freely where ever they please, the right to have a government employment if they qualify, and the right to practice their faith freely and to open a business like the rest of the people.

 Religious  Freedom Conference in Ottawa, Canada March 2015.

We also help to strengthen the small businesses by providing them small loans to develop their businesses.
To carry on these projects we are seeking sponsors and benefactors who can dedicate and support education to build better communities because "When we increase Literacy, we substantially reduce tension, and when we reduce tension we bring Peace and Harmony in people's lives".  Your help will not only provide education to students wanting to take the challenge especially girls, it will give them the opportunity to positively transform their lives and futures, which in turn, affect all of our lives.
We are all in this world together.  And think for a moment...if we were all totally committed to the Golden Rule of Caring, regardless of looks, religion, or skin color...can we imagine how beautiful world could be?  When we leave this world, it will not matter what our bank balance was, the sort of house we lived in, or the kind of vehicle we drove...but the world may be different because we changed the lives of so many poor children whom we helped through our donations to get education and it changed their future forever.   
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