MS. SALAMATI MARIAM is the Co-Founder of
"Christian Growth & Development Society" a not-for-profit organization. Previously, she has served as Special Education Teacher in New York City public school for years putting smiles on the faces of the children that usually are ignored by many. She is currently Chairperson for Christian Growth & Development Society and  director of Berbice High School Association. She has also served for 4 years as director of Missionaries of Hope another not-for-profit organization.
She is a thinker and problem solver. She appreciates small joys that everyday life brings her way. She loves to watch the full Moon rise over the water and watch the colors of the sky as the Sun sets over the horizon to welcome the stars filled beautiful night. She witnessed seeing an angry storm pass only to end in a magnificent rainbow. She says so is life full of storms and rainbows.
We just have to remember that there is always silver-linning in the gray clouds, light at the end of the tunnel and new day after the dark night. 
She speaks her mind. If she is your friend she will be one of the best friends you would ever have, always there when people need her.
She says keep dreaming, aiming high, learning and doing good things. When we are moving forward to make our dreams come true, to achieve our goals, we don't have time for discouragement, disappointment, fear, or insecurity. "Obstacles are those frightful things we see when we take our eyes off our goal." Henry Ford 
keep on moving forward....do not give up. Take baby steps everyday and it will get you closer to your goals.
She is a strong advocate for education and women rights.  According to her Education is the only way out of Illiteracy, Poverty,Discrimination and Slavery. She believes everyone has the right to dream and should be given the chance to make those dreams come true, as long as they are willing to work hard to reach the stars. 
Women are the backbone of any society. There is a woman behind every great man. Therefore women should not be treated as second class citizens. They deserve the same rights and respect as their male counter parts.
According to her no one should be discriminated on the bases of race,religion,gender,or color.  
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