About Us:
           CHRISTIAN GROWTH & DEVELOPMENT SOCIETY is a Non-Profit Organization established in 2006 and registered with New York State on June 28, 2010.
          CHRISTIAN GROWTH & DEVELOPMENT SOCIETY' s mission and dedication is to fight against the growing rate of illiteracy in America's teens, especially girls, and in the underdeveloped countries Pakistan, Thailand, Guyana, India and Bangladesh through Education, and to reduce tension,to promote peace and justice among multicultural, and multi religion communities.
According to the most recent UIS data, there are estimated 774 million illiterate adults in the world, about 64% of whom are women.
       Illiteracy rate in Pakistan is 65% of the total population, Males: 53%   Females: 79% (90% in the rural areas). India: Males: 30%  females: 55% and Bangladesh Males: 50%  Females: 70%.
It is becoming painfully obvious in our society especially in the work force that illiteracy is on the rise and with it the numerous problems with which an illiterate person must struggle,which results in decreased productivity, a shortage of adequate workers, communication difficulties, an uninformed public which makes poor decisions, rises in welfare costs due to citizens who can't hold a job, as well as countless other issues.
According to the NEA, "38% of employers find high school graduates deficient in reading comprehension, while 81% of employers find them deficient in written communication".
A person's social responsibility is also affected by how much he or she reads.  Deficient readers are far more likely to drop out of school. and are more likely to be put out of the work force and that can become the cause root of poverty and violence in males, and on the other hand females can taken advantage by their employers.
        To help solve these problems;MS. SALAMATI MARIAM FOUNDER of CHRISTIAN GROWTH & DEVELOPMENT SOCIETY have launched this Mega Educational Project, inspired and aspired by Mother Teresa, who devoted her life caring for the poorest of the poor in the streets of India and Greg Mortenson an American mountaineer, one ordinary person, with the right combination of character and determination really changed Pakistan and Afghanistan's most desolate regions by building schools for girls providing balanced education.
        We provide a variety of educational projects to enrich the lives of people who need help especially women and their families.
       Our goals are focused on helping women become emotionally and economically independent so that they may become productive, contributing citizens of their communities.
      Our vision is that we all will dedicate this decade to achieve universal Literacy and Education for all the children of the world especially girls.  More than 150 million of the world's children are deprived of education due to poverty, exploitation, child labor, slavery, discrimination, religious extremism, corrupt government and so called only family oriented NGOs.
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